Uh oh.

Did you just find your new hangout?

Yeah, it’s a trendy cluster of indie shops, hip restaurants and buzzy bars on the Seventh Street Stretch. Here you’ll find the fashionable “Best New Boutique” in Phoenix, an upstairs speakeasy, one-of-a-kind eyewear, a gastropub, a chic salon, a Mexican joint and a pristinely sourced sushi spot.

And there’s more on the way.

(Think: the yin and yang of a fitness studio -- not a bad addition.)

Simply put, our mid-century modern digs house the top spots around.

It's cool. It's the Colony.

And yes, plenty of lot parking.

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Located at Midtown Phoenix

Who's at the Colony?

On the Seventh Street Stretch

5538 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Public Relations / Marketing Contact

The Colony public relations and marketing by AWE Collective. Please direct all questions to TheColony@awecollective.com